Renewed by the new president GKD

         In 2005, living with a significant renewal Göztepe Cultural Association, a local haunt people living in the Anatolian coast. Association through the building, the young and dynamic President had talks with Ismail Bahar The 30-year history Göztepe Cultural Association, an association in 2005 with the support of members been untouched for years in electrical installation, the decoration of the hall had not a great renewal.
              Ismail Bahar, 8-year history, although an association, for many years in communities found in different tasks. Worked in the entertainment commission GKD ago, then chairman of the sports commission, the audit office, assistant to the president of the then president of the association now.
New, different, modern look of a winner GKD Ismail Bahar we can hear from?
             This year, 30th year we will celebrate our organization. Until now, heads of associations, with great sacrifice and the importance of temporary care, now is not enough that was a renewal. Association of local, modern, suited to today`s conditions, young people and had to be made more attractive for members of associations. Envisaged this requirement before becoming President, and could find support if I was targeting. Found the necessary support, the entire infrastructure, from electricity, sound, layout, floor and the rooms were renewed. Among them was perhaps the most important stage. Three were in the back stage, stage level is reduced, it was a good make. I can say that the greatest success of our board of directors. To be able to do so, are happy.

When did you start renovations, members gave their reactions to how?

           During the summer period, and continued restoration. In a very short period of time, performed the opening in September. Support us with this occasion the architects
Yuhay Selim Thanks. Be completed in a short time the members of Association of the renovations were considered.


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